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Welcome to The Jar.

With joy, with love.

There is so much possibility for change.

Be part of building cultural community at the intersection of equity, relationships and art.

Join us for the 2024 Spring Wave!

"At The Jar you see that all the barriers between age, race, income, are broken down, and people are able to get back to the roots of what it means to be human."
Gabrielle Sims, A Jar Convener

Envision a cultural landscape.

The Jar envisions a cultural landscape that delights, ignites, and unites a diverse and vibrant community.


With your help, we can work to dismantle our systems of inequity, welcome all who wonder, and summon the radical courage to truly experience one another.


Power in relationships

 The Jar starts with relationships and ends with a spectacularly diverse and inclusive audience.


The process is deceptively simple – for our in-person offerings, participants do not buy single tickets.

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Modern Equity. Today.

At our box office, you’ll find no “tiered” experiences, and no VIP lounge to keep us separate.


With one admission price for a seat, nobody gets to “buy” a better experience. We’re all in this together.


A new kind of organization.

The Jar represents new kind of organization that lives beyond categories. A community that is driven by a deeply held desire to level the playing field, nourished by the sheer generative power of the artist within. The community is engineered to bring our best selves to the table.


We choose to root our cultural community in the fertile soil of Equity, Relationships, and Art. 

The Journey of The Jar

Equity with a history



The Jar is founded

Launched in Boston. 

Rooted in driving change.



2,500 participant experiences delivered.

Connections. Community. And this is just the start of our journey. 

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"To be in the room was transformative."

LaTasha Sarpy; Jar Convener

Take a look inside The Jar.

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