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"There is no price structure that excludes. We are all sharing the cost. Because we are all equal. We are all in this together."

Kate Villa

An opportunity to rehearse the world you want to live in.

The Jar represents a new kind of organization that lives beyond categories.

Our community is driven by a deeply held desire to level the playing field.  It is nourished by the sheer generative power of the artist within. Engineered to bring our best selves to the table, we choose to root our cultural community in the fertile soil of Equity, Relationships, and Art. This is a living movement, that evolves and moves.


Dive in and see how this looks in practice.


From the board room to the box office, equity is in our DNA.


Leadership decisions about The Jar are made by the community, for the community. Our board is 80% BIPOC, 50% Black, 30% foreign-born first-generation American, 50% under 45, and 75% under $150,000 household income which naturally extends to our audience base.

Our board reflects the community we serve, it is uniquely and ideally qualified to make decisions on behalf of the organization.


The process is deceptively simple. There are no single tickets. You are either convened, or a Convener.


As a Convener, you buy a Jar of tickets and invite your a) your plus-one, b) two people you normally go to culture with, and c) two people who may look, pray, love, or earn differently but who you would like to know better.


Together, your group gathers to experience The Jar – in the company of other Conveners engaged in the same journey.


The result is an engaged, enthusiastic, and deeply diverse room – ready to experience culture, and one another, together. 


This way of building relationships and audience has led to sold-out houses and 98% of past participants shared that they would recommend The Jar experience to a friend.


The Jar works passionately to ensure our programming mix features fresh voices that speak to the moment, mainly upcoming artists of color, who inform our collective experience and drive our mission.


When you think of The Jar, think variety. Here, you’ll find staged readings of new plays, Jar Salons in neighborhoods across Boston, stand-up comedy, cabaret, poetry readings, virtual experiences, and more. If it’s happening “right now”, it’s happening at The Jar.

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